How to Use "to Get"

by Cristina

The verb

The verb "to get" and how to use it.

I have some problems with the verb to get because it has a lot of meanings...Could you help me to understand this verb more? Thank you a lot. Your website is very fun and important to me.


Hi Cristina,
To Get does have many meanings because it can be used as a phrasal verb (get in, get out, get over etc).

What I'd like to do is explain the basic usage so that you understand that, and then you can explore the phrasal verbs afterwards.

Like always, I'm referring to my copy of the Practical English Usage. It really does help to explain English grammar in a simple way.

What does "get" mean?

Generally speaking, you need to know that the meaning of get depends on the word that follows it.

If it is followed by a direct object like "a beer", "a newspaper" or "a pen" then get simply means to obtain.

Synonyms for get?

receive, obtain, fetch, catch.

  • I got a beer after work.

  • I got a free newspaper.

  • I got a pen from the store.

  • I got a headache.

  • Come and get me from the train station.

    "Get" also means "become".

    If you would like to say that you are growing older or becoming older you could say that "I am getting older". Get can be used to express the process of becoming something.

  • I'm getting tired of working.

  • As you get old, you start to forget things.

  • I can never get my hands warm; they are always cold.

    What do you think Cristina? Does that help explain the meaning and usage of get?

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    Cristina, if you like you could write some examples below, using get and I would be more than happy to review them to make sure you are using it correctly.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    - Diana :)

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Verb "to get"
    by: Anonymous

    Thanks Diana for your useful help.

    Below I have written some sentences by myself and I hope that are correct.

  • He finally got to thinking about his holiday.
  • The train gets in at 8 o'clock.
  • I'm getting hungry.
  • Do you get what I'm saying?
  • You can get me by on my mobile phone.

    I study English by myself and unfortunately not day by day because I work hard; but I would like to with patience and when I'm free to study more, with your help as well.

    Thanks again...


    Hi Cristina, Your story is the same as many. People work hard; have families and responsibilities that make studying English on a daily basis difficult.

    Just keep trying to do as much as you can and I know you will succeed.

    Your examples are wonderful! Great work! I corrected a couple things but you used "to get" perfectly! Your self studies are paying off.

    Excellent job Cristina!

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    It gives you access to all my new materials and a free online radio player so that you can listen to English podcasts and stations whenever you go online.

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