Is English a "Stressed Language"

by hamidisamia
(relizane algeria)

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It is said that English is a "stressed language" and my friend told that it is an "aspirated language".

Please explain that.

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Charles will answer your question shortly! :)

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Sep 13, 2010
English Pronunciation
by: Anonymous

You are both right! English is a "stressed time" language. This means that the stress falls on certain words within the phrase.

Some languages are "syllable timed: languages" for ex. Spanish and French.

This means that the stress is equal throughout the phrase but often stressed more on the very last syllable of the phrase.

English consonants are sometimes "aspirated."

This means that we release more air on (p) when it falls on stressed syllable.

For example the (p) in depart is aspirated. It comes on the stressed syllable so there is a puff of air that we release with our lips. But the (p) in "apple" is different. It's unaspirated because it falls on the unstressed syllable.

You can test aspiration by putting a piece of paper in front of your mouth and saying "depart" and then "apple."

The paper should move forward when you say depart but not when you say "apple"

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