What does "crap" mean?

by Yuliya

Explaining the meaning of "crap". I just wnated to know the meaning of the word ''crap''. I can hear this word during the watching TV show or any films. As I understood it something like a slang and it must be funny, but what exactely does it mean.Could you help me with this,please?

I want to also thank you a lot again for this amazing site. I liked it so much and I hope it will continue to grow and more people will attend to us;)

Thanks a lot,


Hi Yuliya,

I am so glad that you enjoy the website. I have been away in Canada for the last two months but I am now back home in Spain and will be able to add more and more things to the site.

As for your question it is a good one. "Crap" is a good word to know but you need to be careful with it because it is a slightly offensive or vulgar. (Not very but a little).

I am not surprised that you heard it on TV or in movies. It is another word for "shit". So when something goes wrong and you want to say something offensive your first option might be to say " SHIT!" but if you want to be a little bit less offensive you could say "Crap!".

For example...if you leave your textbook at home you might say "crap...I left my book at home".

Other synonyms for crap are : shit, poo, defecate.

It is not the nicest word out there...but is common. I hope that helps you.

I have also edited your submission. Can anyone see her mistakes? Take a look at my corrections below to compare.

Hi Diana,

How are you doing? I just wanted to know the meaning of what the word ''crap'' means. I can hear this word during the while watching TV shows or any films. As I understand it issomething like a slang and it must be funny, but what exactly does it mean? Could you help me with this, please?

I want to also thank you a lot again for this amazing site. I liked it so much and I hope it will continue to grow and more people will attend to us visit it;)

Thanks a lot,


Great writing Yuliya! Just a couple small mistakes. Keep up the great work. Starting next Wednesday (Jan 14th) I will be adding a writing assignment to the writing course every week. So check it out and participate. It is a great way to practice your writing and get feedback...for FREE!

All the best.

Need more help Yuliya? Just ask!

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Comments for What does "crap" mean?

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Apr 04, 2013
by: rhae

thanxz to this website;) I understand what the word crap is all about.

Jan 19, 2013
by: Paris Ali (Pakistan)

Hi Diana,

you're doing a great job. I am in bed right now and wanted to confirm what the word 'crap' means. It's too cold to get up and look this word up in the dictionary so I thought to consult you. I often use this word to mean defecate but was not certain. But now after seeing your site I have become a bit more confident about my English.
I wish you a lot of lot.

Many thanks,
Paris Ali

Jan 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

Today I read this sentence: "That afternoon his craps were severely damaged by hail"

Could you please tell me the meaning of "craps" in this situation?

The only meaning that I know of, with "craps" is the gambling game in which each player in turn throws two dice, attempting to roll a winning combination.

The sentence that you state above really doesn't makes sense to me. Could you tell me where you read it?

You might have meant CROPS...that would make sense because crops are large amounts of food growing in land. Like a field of corn. A corn crop. -Diana

Dec 05, 2012
Meaning of Crap
by: Surekha

Hi Diana,

Your doing good work.
I had some doubt meaning of the crap. Now it's cleared.


Oct 06, 2012
I like this learning English website
by: Anonymous

It is useful to all who wants to develop their communication orally or literally.

Dec 12, 2011
Crap means:
by: Mr.knowitall

Poop, shit, ect

Dec 12, 2011
What does crap mean?
by: Anonymous

Crap means poop.

Aug 02, 2011
Please let me know
by: A

Hi I just wanted to know the exact sense of this sentence could you please help me...here the sentence "if you...give her crap, be ...ready...to...receive a ton of it!"

This is a great question! "To give someone crap", is an expression that means to cause problems for, be aggressive against someone, to make more work for someone or even to be complaining.

My mother gave me a lot of crap when I didn't call her on her birthday.

So, to answer your question...if you give her a lot of crap (tell her off, verbally punish her) then you should be ready to receive a lot of the same "crap" back (verbal punishment/abuse, aggression or anger).

My husband doesn't give me a lot of crap about making dinner late because he knows I would give him just as much crap about him not helping make it in the first place.

I hope that helps make the expression easier to understand. Does anyone else have any good examples on how to use it in context?

All the best,

May 17, 2011
Meaning of Crap Clarification
by: rana

I have also heard this word crap in movies...but it is some what confusing. As you said that it gives meaning of shit...but here just see this sentence..

What's the meaning of crap in this example. I need the exact meaning..."hey crap the gun there".
Looking at that sentence, it doesn't really make sense. I can't really help because it doesn't make sense to me either. Could you provide more of the context from the movie?

May 13, 2011
Good Website
by: Anonymous

Thank You Very Much. Awesome Website...I'm Lovin' it

Apr 21, 2011
by: ali

Thank you very much about that meaning, really I didn't know about the meaning of crap but your explaintion is very good and easy to understand for me. Thanks once again. I hope you will be able to continue helping us with these difficultes.

Feb 05, 2011
Great site!
by: tarun

Great site!

Oct 08, 2010
by: Nimesh

You are doing a nice job. I was in search of the meaning of "crap". YOUR DETAILED EXPLAINATION CLEARED MY IGNORENCE.

Sep 02, 2010
How to ask questions?
by: Daniel

How to add questions on this website, I really want to ask something but I don?t know how to.

Hi Daniel,

Currently most of my question areas are closed because I was receiving too many questions and I didn't have time to respond to them all. If you have a specific question for me you can send me a message via the "contact me" page.

Using the green navigation bar on the left, just click on "Contact me" and leave your question.

If it is a grammar question or something specific to English those areas will be open again in the future and you can access them by clicking on ?ASK DIANA" in the green navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Thanks for your patience!


Aug 30, 2010
by: Maria

Hi Diana,
I was also looking for the meaning of crap on internet and found your website. It is good to see you helping people without any reward.

I also wanted to be a part of your website. My English is not so good and I am not good at grammar and spelling. How can I improve my spelling and grammar?? Please counsel :)

Hi Maria,
Thank you for your kind words. There are many articles on grammar and spelling throughout the website. Just use the green navigation bar on the left to find them. I would start in the grammar section...and also visit the "ASK DIANA" section. There you will find other questions that visitors have asked me. You will notice that those sections are currently closed because I do not have time to answer everyone's questions. I hope to open those sections again in the near future!

Have a great day Maria!

Jul 16, 2010
Meaning of Crap
by: amajd

Thanks it is clear now!

Jun 02, 2010
What "crap" means.
by: Tyler

"Crap" means rubbish, poo, defecate.

Monta bene,
From, Tyler.

Jun 01, 2010
by: Roberto

Nice!!! I get it now

Apr 25, 2010
Thanks and congratulations for your website
by: Patricia (from Brazil)

Thanks for your excelent help to us which have the English as a second language... I was looking for help to understand the word crap and if I can use it and when it is not appropriate to use it.

I have recommended your website to my daughter...

Keep it always. Your help is great for us.

Apr 16, 2010
Getting help...
by: Anonymous

This is KOMAL LAUNGANI from India (rajasthan) . I was just trying to find the meaning of crap on Google, and cached your site from there, its really interesting, as you explain the meanings of the words with examples.

I also want to be one of your students and I will be grateful if you find my mistakes and correct them ,so that I'll be able to improve my English. how can i do that ,what steps i have to follow? please help.
thank you!

Hi Komal,
I am glad that you found my website. There are many useful articles and activities that you can use here so do take the time to explore them. Also, make sure to sign-up for my free newsletter and I will send you a free lesson each month.

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide proofreading or classes because I don't have time. I hope to be providing them in the future so do visit often.

Have a great day!


Mar 23, 2010
by: sampath

Thank you very much ...

Mar 11, 2010
by: karam

thanks dear......your explanation helped me a lot.

Dec 20, 2009
Got It, Very Good!
by: FromTaiwan

Thank You!

Jan 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

Thanks Miss Diana! Thanks for your post.

Jan 08, 2009
by: Yuliya

Thank you very much, Diana, for your correction and clarifying;)

Have a nice day,
See you later;)

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