What does "ironic" mean?

by Bari

Please explain the meaning of "ironic" and "ironically", with an example. 1) Ironic is characterized by a significant difference between what is expected and what actually is;

* If you buy a car seat for your child because it is presumed to be the safest on the market but then it gets recalled because it is actually very dangerous you could say that that situation is a little ironic.

* Or you see someone protesting against MacDonalds, while eating a Big Mac. You wouldn't expect someone how is against MacDonalds to be eating there.

* "Madness, an ironic fate for such a clear thinker";

2) Ironic also describes something that is humorously sarcastic or mocking; which is sometimes called "dry humour"; "an ironic remark often conveys an intended meaning indirectly"; "an ironic novel"; "an ironical smile";

You use "ironically" when you do something but in an ironic way. She smiled at the man ironically.

For a more detailed explanation of what "ironic" means visit my page on Alanis Morissette’s song "Ironic".

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Comments for What does "ironic" mean?

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Jul 19, 2013
Another one
by: Anonymous

Going to eat at a restaurant named Cheddars, that only uses processed American cheese.

Oct 11, 2012
Thank you
by: Rev. K. Sitlhou

The explanation is so vivid and helpful. I dont have to rush and open those big books in the big almirah. Everything is right here in the palm. Thanks a lot for such a facility and vivid explanation.

Jul 10, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

It's really handy!

Jun 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

this really help me pre-pare for my re-take for the leap thankx

Oct 06, 2010
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you this website was very useful and helped me understand my English homework!

Jul 03, 2010
Is this Ironic?
by: Tokyo x x x

Ok is this ironic cuz my mate said it was "you had a dream about a zebra eating you and now your seeing zebras everywhere! Isnt that ironic!" Is that statement ironic cuz it happened to me a couple months ago.

Feb 27, 2010
by: Tinkerbell

Yep...Really Helped Thanx

Feb 17, 2010
ironic def
by: Anonymous

Yeah, this really helps me with what I need to know.

Jan 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

Thanks. Your blog and website are very useful.
You are welcome! I am glad that it helps you
-Diana Tower

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