Years Studying English, But I can't speak it fluently

by Julio

Dear Robby,

First of all I want to say congratulations to Diana for this good web site for teaching English.

I have spend a lot of time trying to improve my English speaking, as I live outside of English speaking countries. I hardly can find someone to practice my English with and then I became frustrated.

How can I practice my English speaking? I'm not in an English speaking country so I am lost.

Thanks in advanced.

I wish for you the best!


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Sep 10, 2012
by: Peter

Thank you for sharing your experience. When I read it I could practice English myself. You know, I have worked in my company for a long time but I alway spend a little time learning English because my business uses English so much.
Thanks a lot!

Jul 29, 2011
How to Practice Spoken English
by: Robby Kukurs

Hi Julio,

Thanks for your question, you made a very valid point.

There are many ways it's possible to improve your English fluency on your own, and speaking English with yourself comes first on the list. Please watch the following English Harmony video episodes:

and you'll gain a deep insight into how to speak English with yourself without feeling embarrassed and improve your fluency along the way.

Secondly - you should also make it your habit to re-tell book passages or newspaper articles. You'd also do it as part of spoken English practice, yet it's a bit different from just speaking with yourself because you can have the original content in front of you to help bring up phrases and words you've forgotten etc. It's a good way of getting your speech going - especially newspaper articles which have plenty of informal English in them!



Robby Kukurs is the creator of, a website he created in 2007 to help struggling foreign English speakers gain real English fluency.

Jul 28, 2011
Years Studying English, But I can't speak it fluently
by: Majid

Not surprisingly, this is one of the most frequently asked questions among the people who live in nonspeaking countries and want to speak a second language.

There are a few ways to improve your speaking when you have no one to practice with. Here I want to introduce my way and experience about one of these, although not each of them can be as effective as having someone as your partner to practice with:

First, you can start with writing useful words, expressions and sentences down about a particular subject(for example;telling somebody an address, talking about a memory, guiding somebody on how to launch a business and etc) and try to learn them by heart.

Second, start speaking about the subject using your new vocabulary and try to employ them when speaking. I mean you should speak with yourself and talk about the subject(for this a mobile phone on which you can note your writings, practicing them and for your later reviews or references and easier access to your writings can be useful).

To avoid forgetting new words, try to review them at regular time distances and even try to use the the words & expressions of a subject in another subject frequently, if possible, to be put into your mind effectively.

This method not only helps you improve your vocabulary about different categories but also by using them in your dialogue it helps you memorize them efficiently.


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