English Reading Skills

by albadawi A.Almanan

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Question: I find some difficulties in it difficult to fully understanding of when what I read. Any suggestions on how to improve my English Reading skills?

Also, thank you very much for your help. I see your website and I find it very interesteding and I feel it will be very valuable for me. So I hope to be one of your students.

Hi Albadawi!

I am so glad that you like my website. It makes me happy to know that people like what I am doing. (I also like to know when people DONT like what I am doing...so I can improve!)

You, like everyone who has access to the internet, can be one of my students. Sure, you don't see me or have a class with me but you have access to all my advice, support and activities. Welcome to the Diana Club! :)

To answer your question, it is hard to understand everything when you read. Right now, you are reading my words. You might not understand every word I write but you probably understand more than 50%.

Here is my advice to improve your English reading skills or comprehension...

READ...READ LOTS! Read everyday!

Read books, newspapers, magazines, food labels, recipes, articles on the internet...read anything you can. Do you know why? Here is the truth...

the more you do something, the easier it becomes.

For example, I do a spinning class (cycling) three times a week at the gym.

The first class was really difficult. I was sweating like a pig, breathing hard and thought I was going to die!

The second class was hard but I knew what to expect and I tried to think positive.

The third class was a little easier.

The fourth, fifth, sixth...etc were easier still.

I have been going to this class for a month now. It is still a good workout. I still sweat like a pig and breathe hard, BUT I am much stronger! I don't get as tired, I can go faster than before and I enjoy it!

It is EXACTLY the same for your English reading skills.

At first, reading is hard and frustrating. You don't understand everything. You want to know EXACTLY what is being said but you don’t.

Then after a week of reading everyday you realize that you understand a little more. It is not so hard and despite not understanding EVERY word, you are enjoying yourself.

So Albadawi, my advice to you, is to read. Read on the bus, metro, train, or on the couch before bed.

Make time to read.

HOW MUCH TIME? I would say 20-30 minutes a day. EVERYDAY!

*** If you did this for a month strait EVERYDAY, I GUAREENTEE that you would notice a difference***

Practice makes perfect Albadawi...so read...read...read.

Have a great day!

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Comments for English Reading Skills

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Apr 14, 2014
I am very lucky to find this useful website.
by: hamza yunus

Hi there Diana! I hope that u will be in the best of ur health.I am Hamza from Pakistan.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of ur hard work u have done to make this gem of a website,really appreciated.

I hope that u will continue to put ur efforts in the same unwavering way.

The thing that i have so far noticed is that u haven't made this website for business and that's the plus point.U could have charged money for getting this stuff but u didn't and that shows how eager you are to help people all around the world and not just Spain.

So hats off for all ur efforts.And above all i love the way u give us motivation and hope for learning English and making those complex things easier for us to understand.

Last but not the least I want to comment on this very topic of how to improve ur reading skills for which u have suggested an answer. And u have rightly said that there are no shortcuts to reading English. One has to practice it in order to accomplish perfection.

Anxiously waiting to learn more from u.
Thanks! And keep smiling.

Feb 13, 2011
by: Amal

How r u all?...a special welcome for u Diana!
I?m with u, that reading has a lot of benefits. I notice that since I began entering some websits all of them suggest to read as much as I can.

Then I did it and I really noticed a difference between when I didn?t read a lot and now. I even read out loud and record my voice on my mobile, after I finish I check up on it.

It might be good if u all do this...

Dec 23, 2010
I Need Help
by: Amal

How are ya everyone and Diana? Finally I join you and to be honest, I have never seen a good web like this. So nice! In fact, I wanna ask you about how I can become a smart girl in my studying and also in my writings...Thanks a lot for everything Diana!

Apr 09, 2010
I really love your website!
by: Thang

I have subscibed to your newsleter and I'm longing for the fist newsleter. Thank you!

Mar 18, 2010
Giving time to learn is so much fun.
by: Koreana

Hi! How such a wonderful smile when I was viewing your video. Many commentators are expressing their
greatful knowleage to share what is in his/ her mind thier motivation how to express themselves in English.

It's realy difficult for non-native English speakers to write something which is interesting for a member/fan.

Kindly give me some link about the epod to listen online and the video and movie to watch online too.

Have a nice day bye bye take care.

I like your style to teach especially the greeting for the beginers. I want to use it with my children if there is some more, I want to subscribe it also.
love & care
Hi Koreana,

Thanks for your message. I agree that it can be a challenge to write things that are interesting for everyone but I think there are some very interesting posts from learners...just like you!

If you want to receive all my resources then you should sign-up for my newsletter. I send it out monthly and my everyone seems to really enjoy it. The last couple of newsletters have been mini-lessons on travelling (taxi talk, directions etc). You can sign up here.

Also, I will be working on the kids section of the website in the future so if you subscribe to the newsletter you can stay updated on that as well!

Here is a wonderful podcast to help your listening:


I hope you enjoy it! I hope to create my own podcast in the future...Diana on the Radio!!! Fun!

Keep in touch,

Mar 02, 2010
Keep on teaching people all over the world
by: Arief

It is nice to know your website Diana. I am very glad to recieve your newsletter by which I know that you have something new to teach me.

Just to remind me that it is time to learn English.
Honestly, this site is one of my favorite sources to learn English.

Thank you so much for your kind words Arief! I hope you will keep coming back and also tell your friends and co-workers about my site! -Diana

Feb 04, 2010
by: anwar

I can improve my reading skills. i sometimes have problems in reading, especially when it talks about science, hard to understand... but i keep trying to read and discuss with friends about the problems.

Jan 19, 2010
by: Mostafa

Hi Diana...
finding this site is one of my greatest chance to improve my english level.
I use many of your advices to improve my english.
and thus I'm going to express my appreciation by this comment.
whenever I check my e-mails, viewing your newsletter make me so glad.

Thank you so much Mostafa! I really appreciate your comment and I am glad that I am helping you learn English. I hope to do more and more as time passes! Have a great day! -Diana

Jan 13, 2010
English Reading skills
by: Chanh

Hi everyone.
I'm chanh, I come from Vietnamese.
well, the topic is very interesting.
I like it, and try to practice.
I really to begin to english and I know when you read more and more, you may write good.
Have nice day!

Oct 28, 2009
Nice Website
by: Anonymous

HI Diana,
Hey, How do you doing ? This is sankarguru from india, i'd would like to tell you that this website has lots of good stuff for learning english.it's really interesting as well as quite nice.i have been learning english for 6 months.Luckily, last week i found your site. hopefully, i will be getting lots of good stuff here.

With cheers,
I'm glad that you found my website, and that you like it. I am working on it part time (in addition to teaching English classes) and I love helping people...all over the world, from the comfort of home.

See you around the site Sankarguru!


Sep 02, 2009
very useful site
by: Kotireddy

I am Kotireddy. I'm from India. I am 45 years. I am a beginner in learning english. I am interested to learn English.

I hope this site is very useful to me

Please send me daily skills to improve beginner english.
Hi Kotireddy, welcome to the site! You can read my article on how to study English by visiting the link below.

Ideas and activities to help your study English

Jul 06, 2009
Help me how to explain the disease to a doctor
by: Anonymous

Dear Diana,

How are you? I hope you are fine there and in a good health. I need your help for asking a question to a doctor who speak English. How to explain our disease and I hope you send the conversation about how going to a doctor.Thank you for your help.

My best regard,


I wanted to post your question so that others might be able to answer you. Right now I am on vacation and planning my wedding so I am unable to answer your question myself right now. I will be starting to work on the website again in September though. :) - Diana

May 28, 2009
Learn English
by: Zeshan

Hello Diana,

I am Zeshan. This is a very useful site for learning English.
I need this site.

Thanks Diana.
You are most welcome!
- Diana

May 13, 2009
by: YUL

This site is really helpful. It helps me so much in teaching. Thanks to all the people who are involved here.
You are welcome YUL. I'm glad the site is helping you - Diana

Apr 24, 2009
A big chance
by: Willy

Well. I am an English beginner but I think this is the best chance to learn and practice English. Helping-you-learn-English.com is very helpful for me. Thanks dear teacher Diana.
You are welcome Willy. I am glad that you are enjoying the site and honoured that you speak so highly of it. I hope I can help you improve your English now and in the future! Cheers, Diana :)

Mar 01, 2009
by: one learner

I have insisted on learning english for almost one year, after I took my job but there is always a large obstacle on making progress in using it. Fortunatly, I found such a helpful website for me to do more practice. Thank you for you general help. By interacting with a kind host, it will help me to increase my level of efficiency to communicate in a well-mannered fashion. I appreciate it!

Feb 27, 2009
This is What I Want.
by: Anonymous

My dear teacher, I know my English is not well, especially pronunciation. It's really hard for me. I have to listen more, to native speakers like you. Thanks for all.

Feb 27, 2009
Good Job
by: sayed

I really enjoy and make good use of your help ...Thank you for all that you do.

Feb 27, 2009
What do you think about the Audio ?
by: Diana Tower

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to ask you what you think about having audio versions of my answers.

Do you like it?

Is it helpful?

Is there something that I should change or include?

Thank you for your feedback!
Diana Tower

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