Learn English by Listening
to the Radio

Some people still do not believe that you can learn English by listening to it. When in fact, best way to improve your listening skills is to listen.

Yes, it's that simple.

...Wait Diana. I don't understand spoken English yet, so how can I learn English by listening to it? I don't understand anything.Shouldn't I focus on Grammar and reading?

Many people believe that if they study the grammar and mechanical components of a language, then they will be able to understand the language as well. This is not true...well maybe a little.

You could study English from a book, go to classes and work extremely hard in order to improve your ear for English, but why make it harder for yourself?

Doesn't it make more sense to practice the skill that you would like to improve?

Let me give you some examples.

How do you strengthen your muscles? You don't read books on how to lift weights and expect your arms to get stronger.

It is a good idea to study in order to learn the proper way to lift the weights and the movements, but you have to remember that no amount of reading is going to actually strengthen your arms. (Unless the books are really heavy and you carry them around with you a lot!)

Sadly, many people learning English get stuck in the "book phase", when they should be in the "doing phase". You are going to learn English by listening, not by reading about listening. This is that A.J. Hoge believes and says about his "Effortless English Lessons", which do not focus on grammar. Do they really work though?

"English Express" is designed to help prepare you for the real world of English.

Life is not in the classroom, it is outside with people who speak English in a natural way.

That is why English Express presents natural English audio. Learn more...

Here's another example.

How do you learn to do your taxes?

There are many great books and resources that explain the process of making a tax claim but doesn't it seem easier to do your taxes after doing them once yourself?

Each time you do something it become easier and easier. So when you learn English by listening, you practice what you want to learn.

Do you see what I am saying?

When something is difficult, you can (and should) prepare yourself and get as much information as possible to feel confident and capable, but it is the act of DOING that helps you learn and improve the most.

Don't get stuck in the preparation. In the words of Nike, JUST DO IT!

Lets paint a picture in your mind. Where are you right now? You are probably sitting in front of your home/office computer. What can you see around you?

You might be sitting at your desk, with some documents and CDs on it. You could have some books on a shelf to your right and a dictionary on your lap.

Behind you there could be the living room with the radio on. A strong clear voice is perhaps telling you the daily news, pop culture and health advice in a clear Spanish voice.

What is wrong with this picture?

Am I going to tell you to organize your desk better or sit up strait (sit with better posture)?

Nope (no), but I am going to tell you to change the radio station.

If you are short on time and cash then get a radio and practice listening to English with one of the many excellent and FREE English radio stations at your disposal! You can do it while you are in your car on your way to work, at home cooking dinner or even going for a walk: listen to English.

It's simple.

Just like going to the gym regularly keeps you fit, listening to English (on the radio for example) keeps your listening skills fit.

So, listen to the radio for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. Obviously the more the better but you have to start somewhere and 15 minutes is a great place to start.

Now that you know how to learn English by listening, find more resources to improve your listening comprehension

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