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Diana, how can I listen and learn English if I don't understand anything I hear?

First, do not worry about understanding everything (or anything in the beginning). This is one of the hardest stages of learning a language. Not understanding and trying anyways. Just keep listening.

When it comes to using a radio, it is a pretty simple process. You turn on the radio, select the radio station that you want and then listen. But what happens when you are listening to the radio in English and you honestly do not understand anything? You want to listen and learn English but the frustration of not understanding what you are hearing can be a big problem.

Here's my suggestion!
When you are frustrated and are about to give up...Do something else while you hear the English. Keep the radio on so that you can hear it while you do other things, like play with your kids, clean the kitchen, make dinner, go for a walk or anything.

Don't sit with a note pad and pen, concentrating and trying to understand every word that is being said. You won't understand it all (unless your listening comprehension is very good) and you will get frustrated and most likely switch back to the news in Spanish. Don't give up...

All I want you to do is to hear the English sounds. That's it. Don't try to understand everything, don't take notes and don't concentrate. 
Just hear it.

How can I learn English just by listening? 
Don't I have to study Grammar?

When you first start listening to English your goal is to let your mind get used to the sounds of English, as if you were a baby learning your first language. Spanish and English sound very different (intonation and stress) so hearing English is the first step to improving your listening comprehension.

After a month or so of hearing the radio on a regular basis (15 minutes a day minimum), you can move on to listening to it. (What's the difference between listening and hearing?)

Devoting 15 minutes a day to listening and concentrating on what is being said, will help you to gradually improve your listening skills further. It takes a long time, but if you form a routine and listen to English daily you will see a great improvement in your listening skills. No tricks no gimmicks, just listen and learn English.

"English Express" is designed to help prepare you for the real world of English.

Life is not in the classroom, it is outside with people who speak English in a natural way.

That is why English Express presents natural English audio. Learn more...

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